Retailers, restaurant owners, non-profit organizations, and businesses benefit from the display of wall graphics in Miami. When we first discuss this product with our clients, they frequently believe that these graphics are something homeowners use to dress up walls with cute sayings. When presented with the applications for the commercial sector, they are amazed that they have waited this long to take advantage of this budget-friendly vinyl product.

So, where do you place these graphics?

  • Lobby sign alternative. The lobby sign is a business’ calling card. There is no hard and fast rule that it must consist of dimensional letters or logo boards. In fact, many new business owners like the idea of displaying a wall graphic instead of a sign. It is an inexpensive way of setting up an office and hit the ground running.
  • wall graphics in MiamiClassroom decorations. Whether you want to beautify an elementary, upper grade or college classroom, consider the display of a word cloud that presents the most commonly used phrases within a particular topic. It makes a fascinating backdrop that quickly becomes a focal point of an otherwise unusable wall. Colorful splash graphics dress up the walls of the drama department, the gym, and similar settings.
  • Branding display. Tell your company’s story with graphics. An otherwise blank wall in a narrow hallway is an ideal backdrop for a colorful timeline that features reproductions of photos, contracts and similar documents that highlight the development of the current business. For a large wall space, just enlarge the images and add arrow graphics to help visitors know where to start reading.
  • Wayfinding signage. Make your parking garage or basement levels easier to traverse with large graphics featuring arrows and lettering. When there are multiple businesses in an office building, the display of corporate logos alongside the arrows further enhances the directional use of the products.
  • Advertising. Restaurants like to display images showing wholesome raw ingredients that make up their dishes. Integrating them into the wall décor is easy. Retailers use seasonal graphics to set the mood for shoppers buying specific products. For example, the back to school shopping season calls for graphics depicting schoolhouses, apples, and pencils. For the winter holiday shopping season, a retailer might put up displays of wrapped presents or holiday trees.
  • wall graphics in MiamiFundraising. Non-profit organizations dress up storefront spaces with wall graphics that encourage donations as well as volunteer engagement. For special fundraising events, these graphics can become step and repeat banner backdrops for photographs.

What makes wall graphics in Miami so popular is the fact that they are suitable for long-term and short-term use. As a placeholder for a lobby sign, this product may remain in place for five to seven years. When you need the graphics for a seasonal event or special occasion, you might only keep them on your walls for a month or so. Due to the product’s budget-friendly nature, it is possible to commission customized graphics for both uses. Contact us today to find out how wall graphics are ideally suited for your business.

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