Installing dimensional letter lobby signs in Miami offices and retail spaces is a popular option for contemporary business owners who want to wow their customers and show their thought leadership in a given niche. Where do you buy these signage solutions and what are your options?

Behind the 3D Letter Display

Although all types of signs are suitable for a lobby presentation, the three-dimensional product derives its main visual attraction from the depths of the individual letters. Choose from a number of materials that give your setting the pizzazz you desire.

Metal Combines Durability with Sophistication

3D Letter lobby signs in Miami, dimensional letter lobby signs in MiamiMetal is the favorite choice of professionals in the financial, legal and healthcare sectors. The product has an aura of permanence that is not lost on the client. Favorite selections include bronze, brass, copper and aluminum. Stainless steel is another option that is quickly catching on. Flat cut letters offer thicknesses reaching up to an inch. Color options include the metal’s actual tones as well as aged patinas and oxidized appearances. A relative newcomer to the color palette is the look of chrome.

Plastic Impresses with Versatility

3D Letter lobby signs in Miami, dimensional letter lobby signs in MiamiAcrylic is a preferred plastic in the sign trade. Our clients love it because it is durable, versatile and ideally suited for intricate designs. Flat cut acrylic letters reach one inch in depth, which allows for the display of a sophisticated lobby sign with the potential for light shadow play. If you had something a bit more substantial in mind, consider the commission of cellulose acetate butyrate (CAB) letters. Rather than cutting the letters from a sheet of acrylic, these are formed and offer the option of rounded or prismatic faces.

Foam Delivers Unrivaled Letter Thicknesses

3D Letter lobby signs in Miami, dimensional letter lobby signs in MiamiIf you want to go for the gusto, foam is the material to consider. Do not let the name scare you away. Although it conjures up images of soapy bubbles, sign foam is a tough material that lasts for a long time. It makes letter thicknesses of up to three inches possible. Enhance the look with acrylic or metal laminates. In the alternative, it is feasible to paint the foam in any color you choose. Color matching the look to existing signage is no problem. Another advantage that foam has over other materials is the price point. It is one of the most inexpensive options open to you, which allows even start-up companies to have the type of signage you would usually see in the offices of multi-national corporations.

Buying 3D Letter Lobby Signs in Miami

When you want the highest quality materials with superior customer service, the Vibrant Sign Studio is your go-to location for all types of 3D letter lobby signs as well as their mounting components. We routinely work with members of the local business community to put together their interior signage displays for a maximum effect. Moreover, our technicians are on the cutting edge when it comes to integrating LEDs into the 3D letters that are quickly getting to be all the rage. Contact us today to schedule a design consultation and to find out what your options are.

3D Letter lobby signs in Miami, dimensional letter lobby signs in Miami