Ensuring that your company’s location stands out in a mall, among a collection of stores, or even in a mixed zone setting can be as easy as installing the right exterior signs in Miami. Interestingly, sometimes the combination of products makes the difference. What are your options?

Electrical Cabinet Signs Light up Your Information

Illuminated Cabinet monument signs MiamiDo not underestimate the versatility of a lightbox cabinet. Mount it to your building’s façade, incorporate it into a monument sign, or display it high up on a pylon or pole. This signage product consists of an aluminum body and polycarbonate front. For pole-mounted signage, both front and back feature polycarbonate facings that display your company’s name, logo, and any niche information you want to show.

When investing in this type of product, think through the shape that you want it to take. We can adapt it to take on the form of your logo, or we can manufacture it in a geometric shape. When illuminated after dark, your company’s colors stand out and beckon to the consumer.

Monument Signs Target Drivers as well as Pedestrians

Whereas electrical cabinets may be eight to ten feet off the ground, monument signs frequently do not stand any taller than three feet. Your local zoning rules determine the acceptable height of this product. What makes these markers so useful is the display at the entrance to your parking lot. Choose from brick and mortar construction, post and panel setups, pre-fabricated foam monuments, or aluminum and acrylic contemporary box styles. Depending on the model you select, we can incorporate a lightbox cabinet, channel or dimensional letters.

Channel Letters and Dimensional Lettering

exterior signs in MiamiChannel letters come in unlit and illuminated forms. Their construction is very similar to an electrical cabinet, only on a much smaller scale. Moreover, your lighting preference determines the build of the individual pieces. For letters that feature illuminated fronts, we use an aluminum body and polycarbonate facing setup. When you prefer to have your letters bathed in a halo of light, the sides and fronts of the letters feature aluminum while the backs close up with transparent polycarbonate. For an open-faced look that reminds of neon signs, which used to be so popular, we omit a facing other than a clear covering.

Dimensional lettering does not usually offer you an illumination choice. One possible exception is the installation of manufactured stainless steel letters. By and large, our clients commission outdoor-rated foam letters that we either paint or treat with an imprinted vinyl overlay for gradient color displays. Acrylic and flat-cut metal are additional options. You can still enjoy illumination of these products but need to rely on spotlights mounted to your façade.

Temporary and Movable Signage Options

Our list of exterior signs in Miami would be incomplete without mentioning window graphics and lettering as well as A-frame markers and menu boards. Contact our graphic artists to discover how we can adapt these temporary and movable signage solutions to underscore the messages that your permanent building signage sends. Schedule your design consultation today to find out more.

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