Opening a business is only the first step in running a successful venture in the Miami area. Having the right signage to attract customers and convert them into shoppers is the next significant step. That said, before you can order and display any marker, learn all you can about sign permits in Miami FL. To this end, we have put together this handy frequently asked questions section about sign permitting.

Q: I want to put a neon sign inside my store. Customers can see it through the window. Do I need a permit?

sign permits in Miami FLA: Yes, you do. The rules specify that you have to file a permit application when you want to install a permanent sign that folks can see from the street. Even though the product is on the interior of your storefront, it still falls under the rules of the permitting process.

Q: Why are Miami authorities concerned about signs on my property?

A: If a product uses electricity, officials want to ensure that the work it takes to hook the marker into the grid is done according to code. Make a mistake here, and the sign could become a fire hazard that jeopardizes your business and potentially endangers people shopping or working on your property.

Another consideration is the appropriate sizing of the products. Signs that are too big for their settings may make it difficult for motorists to see street or traffic signage. Improper placement of any sign could result in damage to power lines, public streets or sidewalks. As you can see, the rules authorities have put together benefit businesses and consumers in a number of ways.

Q: Can I put a sign on my trailer and just park it in front of my business?

sign permits in Miami FLA: Some business owners have attempted to get around the permitting process by doing exactly that. While it is perfectly legal to have your business’ information placed on your car, truck or van when you use it in the course of your daily work, you may not park a car, attach a banner or other sign to it, and then leave it there.

Q: Is it possible to get a permit for a roof sign?

A: It is a common misconception that roof signage is forbidden. This is actually not the case. Instead, your proposed roof sign must find approval during a public hearing.

Q: How do I know if the sign I want to install meets the building code specifications?

A: You could contact the zoning information line at 305-375-1806. In the alternative, contact our signage experts. Part of being a full-service sign shop is our commitment to handling the permitting process for our clients. Our experts understand the zoning rules and the requirements that local officials have for businesses wanting to erect signs.

We can tell you during our initial client consultation whether a sign you intend to place on your property will be difficult to permit or call for a hearing. When you entrust us with the commission of the project, we apply for the sign permits in Miami FL. We submit the needed paperwork and handle any follow-up. Contact us today with additional questions or to discuss your sign permit application.

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