Wall Graphics are powerful advertising mediums for promoting your organization and getting across your message. Turning your empty spaces into an owned media is a great opportunity to promote services while reinforcing your brand values because it offers infinite potential to reach out and inspire your audience.

Wall Graphics or murals can be used on outdoor locations to market your business to indoor spaces for branding or décor purpose.

Universities, hospitals, waiting areas, entry halls, cafeterias, staircases and more, are good examples of places where Wall Graphics and Murals can be applied.

The benefits of Wall Graphics are:

  • Brand a space to promote your business, event or advertising campaign.

  • Draw attention to your business or storefront.

  • Give a unique look to your business.

  • Engage and inspire employees.

  • Inject personality into a tired or uninspiring room.

  • Inform visitors.

  • And more.

The process involved to produce and install a Wall Graphic involves five stages:


Our staff will meet the client to collect the data for the project. At this stage the goals and objectives of the Wall Graphic should be clear, and the space desired to install the Wall Graphic should be transited enough to deliver the message. In addition to that, walls must be inspected to determine their type of construction, texture and condition. Once all the information has been collected, we are ready for next step.


Based on the previous stage, we will submit a quote proposal to our client specifying design, type of materials, print, and installation.

Design and Proof

As soon the proposal is approved, the graphic art department will start the project by preparing a detailed design. Once our client accepts a design, a proof will be delivered electronically to them for an approval signature.


Upon return of the signed proof, the approved design is printed on vinyl panels using a large format, solvent based printer. Once the vinyl is printed, it is left to off-gas for a few hours. Finally, the vinyl is laminated and UV protection is added if necessary.


Before starting the installation process, walls need to be fixed from imperfections such as holes, hooks, nails, paint flakes, and old wall covers. When applying Wall Graphic, installers carefully align the vinyl panels to ensure a proper fit. Last, using special tools and materials, the vinyl is applied. Finally, you have a unique Wall Graphic or Mural.