Standing out among the local bustling cityscape is not as easy as it sounds. Colors and material selections are just two of the style elements members of the business community choose to stand out with exterior building signs in Miami. In many cases, our sign makers use manufacturing techniques to heighten the impression the signage makes, which draws attention to the marker and – by default – to your business.

Three-dimensional Letters Pop

exterior building signs in MiamiCall them dimensional or raised letters, but do not call them easy to ignore. The 3D appeal of this signage solution is the substantial differentiation that exists between the lettering spelling out your company’s name and the flatter substrate of your façade. Our clients like to use acrylic and metal for more muted displays but choose manufactured stainless steel or outdoor-rated foam for more noticeable setups.

Stainless steel, in particular, is ideal when you like to add LED illumination for a back-lit presentation. Our installers can use standoffs to heighten the 3D effect by allowing the individual letters to cast shadows during the daytime. Not only does this mounting method give the illusion of freely floating lettering, but it also does underscore the three-dimensional effect of the product. No matter what material you choose, we can use standoffs for each one.

Channel Letters Charm with Colors, Lights, and Fonts

exterior building signs in MiamiWhat makes channel letters such an excellent building signage system is the way that you combine the logo with the colors of your company. Frequently, it only takes this combination for consumers to recognize your business. There are three basic lighting options open to you.

  1. Front-lit signage. The letters allow the light to escape through colorful fronts. Whereas the sides of the product feature aluminum, we use painted polycarbonate for the fronts. After dark, the light emphasizes your colors.
  2. Back-lit letters. In this scenario, the fronts of the letters are closed up with painted aluminum while the backs are open. We install the lettering with standoffs to allow the light to escape through the open backs. The resulting halo creates an impressive light display around your sign at night.
  3. Combination. It is possible to have the best of both worlds with a combination design. Sure, you lose a bit of the light’s intensity, but the wow factor that your colorful fronts and delicate halo bring to your building is difficult to beat.

Lightbox Cabinets for Ideal Logo Presentations

exterior building signs in MiamiWhen your name and logo are synonymous, you cannot go wrong with a box cabinet that contains light sources. The technology is much the same as the one we use for channel letters, except for the fact that the shape of the box may be geometric or in the form of your logo itself. In some cases, the cabinet may also feature the form of a niche-specific image.

If you are thinking of adding, changing or upgrading your exterior building signs in Miami, contact our graphic artists for assistance. We work with you to create a look that catches the eye and expertly brands your business.

exterior building signs in Miami