Customers who order vinyl banners in Miami FL, usually intend them to be advertising products for a limited-time promotion or offer. By drawing current customers’ attention to the deal, these companies hope to increase the sale of these services or products. You frequently see these signage solutions presenting buy-one-get-one deals or mentioning the word “free” when another item is purchased. But did you know that the functionality of vinyl banners goes far beyond this role?

Beautify Walls with Timely Messages

Adhesive banners are a fantastic means of beautifying a wall with informative displays that carry a marketing and branding message. For example, a business might dress up an otherwise bland wall space with flu-shot information during the fall and winter months. Schools that welcome new students can display invitations to join clubs and sports leagues by providing informative displays along hallways.

Encourage Charitable Donors to Sign up with Corporate Logo Displays

vinyl banners in Miami FLThe backdrops you see when celebrities walk down red carpet events are step and repeat banners. They display the names and logos of the companies that contribute to the success of the event. For example, you may see the name of the event and its sponsoring organization, the TV network that has paid for the exclusive rights to carry the broadcast, and corporate names of jewelers and fashion houses that dress the stars. On a smaller scale, it is possible to use the step and repeat banner for non-profit organizations that rely on corporate donors for their work. During fundraising events, these signage products serve as photo backdrops and encourage other corporations to come forward and help.

Increase Foot Traffic with Special Event Signage

vinyl banners in Miami FLVinyl banners display information about special events. They feature the name of the occasion, its logo, and possibly the dates. For exterior displays, we recommend the use of vinyl mesh. This product makes the practice of cutting out wind slits unnecessary and prevents your banners from taking on the appearance of wind-filled sails. To get more eyeballs to take in your information, consider the use of a large-format banner in addition to the regular sized products. Interior and exterior displays round out the product selection for special events. Depending on your desired design for these markers, you may be able to reuse them year after year. When working with faith communities and non-profit organizations, the opportunity to save money on new signage is always a welcome bit of information.

Wayfinding is Easy with Vinyl Banners in Miami FL

Event organizers who carefully think through the wayfinding needs of attendees will find that their customers are more likely to come back. Examples include county fairs, trade shows, corporate events, and any other setting where large groups of people traverse multiple buildings or bigger properties. Spell out areas of interest, provide multiple banners that feature arrows, and highlight the availability of apps – if applicable – that will make attendees’ ability to navigate the locale easier.

If we have inspired you to embrace the versatility of the vinyl banner for your next signage need, contact us to schedule a design consultation that allows us to show you how we can represent your brand with style.

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