When designed effectively, Business Signs can be part of a solid integrated marketing strategy that helps brand your business in your customers’ minds.

According to the International Sign Association, sales increased anywhere between 2.5% and 7.1% when a sign was added on a previously blank side of a building.

If you need a sign, Vibrant Sign Studio will guide you through the following steps to get your signage:


Our staff first will meet with you to understand your needs and then guide you to select the appropriated type of Signs for your business. It is also imperative to include any property manager(s) in this process. They can provide essential information to help determine the size and type of signs allowed onto your building before committing to an investment.


Based on the previous stage, we will submit a quote proposal to our client specifying design,sign type, size, materials, permit fees, installation and equipment requirements.

Design and Proof

As soon the proposal is approved, the graphic art department will start the project by preparing a detailed design. Once our client accepts a design, a proof will be delivered to them for an approval signature. This is then joined to a technical drawing, which the customer will use to obtain the required permits.

Sign Permits

Although Vibrant Sign Studio is aware of all local municipal codes and ordinances, customer is fully responsible for obtaining all necessary Sign Permits. Vibrant Sign Studio will not fabricate or install any project until all the necessary permits have been issued. However, we do offer our customers the option of preparing and submitting the Sign Permit application themselves, or having Vibrant Sign Studio manage the entire Sign Permit process.

Production and Delivery

Upon receiving the Sign Permit, we are then ready to schedule the production of the Business Sign. Based on production’s timetable, we will then request an appointment to install the Business Sign. The whole process is considered complete when the project is successfully installed and accurately documented.