You already know about perforated vinyl window wraps that change the look of your company’s presentation to consumers. But did you also know how to use static cling window films in Miami for the creation of an eye-catching display that reels in the foot traffic?

How to Install Window ClingsStatic Cling Window Films in Miami

Versatility makes clings ideal for short-term and seasonal displays. Use cling graphics inside your retail location or car window. By using UV-resistant ink, Miami’s famous sun will not cause the cling to fade before its time. The majority of displays will last about a year or longer.

When you are ready to place your product on the glass, just peel the material away from its backing. Applying it to the window is as easy as choosing a location and carefully attaching it. Static cling holds it in place. If you decide that you would like the graphic to display on a different windowpane, simply remove it from the glass and reposition it at the other location.

Should You Choose Decals or Static Cling Products?

Even though we use vinyl to manufacture both signage products, similarities end there. Stickers feature an adhesive backing that attaches securely to the glass. As a result, you have only a limited ability to reposition the decals. Static cling sticks to the glass without adhesive. Acting somewhat as a suction cup pressed against a non-porous surface, cling graphics adhere to clean glass with little more than gentle pressure.

After a while, however, the cling starts to lift; this is usually the case when edges get dirty. Decals do not lift, and it requires a special process to remove them. When you need a long-term display, opt for stickers; for seasonal displays or those that you anticipate moving around a lot, cling is your better alternative.

Multiple Uses for Cling Products

Static Cling Window Films in Miami

We have already touched on the opportunity for seasonal advertising displays using window clings. Whether you are readying a store for the winter holiday shopping season or want to highlight the start of a new soccer season at the local club, these products do not disappoint. Of course, there are additional uses as well.

  • Daycare or school window beautification. Add fun to your classroom’s atmosphere with graphics that appeal to children. Whether you select cartoon characters or educational displays, the clings go on quickly and should last for the duration of the school year.
  • Clearance sales. Not matter what product you sell, consumers will have a difficult time ignoring huge graphics spelling out “Clearance” in your shop windows.
  • Directional signage. Do you want shoppers to come in through the other door or walk around to the side for the pick-up window? Add a graphic that you display prominently on your door window.
  • Seasonal information. Whether you offer a seasonal gift-wrapping station or shipping department in your store, let shoppers know about it with static cling window films. In Miami stores, they are quickly becoming an indispensable marketing tool. If your office changes its hours of operation because of a special occasion, let your clients know with a cling sticker that supersedes the already posted hours.

Static Cling Window Films in Miami