The pros at the Vibrant Sign Studio do more than design, manufacture, and install signs, wraps, and graphics. We answer the questions of customers who are unsure about the signage types they need. Putting together the most frequently discussed topics with clients visiting our sign company in Miami FL, here are four things you need to know today.

Q: How important is signage?

sign company in Miami FLA: When it comes to saving money, signage is the wrong place to pinch pennies. On the exterior, a sign directs prospective customers to your location, introduces the company’s brand, and helps would-be buyers to connect products with a logo. On the interior, signage helps visitors to locate the right office or department, provides information, and allows for the display of sales messages in the form of point of purchase markers. To say that signage is crucial to the success of your business is an understatement.

Q: What is the best building sign?

sign company in Miami FLA: Signage works because of customization. It is impossible to say that all plumbers should select a lightbox cabinet while retailers must opt for channel letters. Instead, there are three aspects to signage selection.

  1. Zoning rules. The local municipality, as well as any neighborhood association, has plenty to say about the signage that you may display on your façade.
  2. Information. What do you want customers to see? When you want to focus attention on your chosen font and colors, channel or dimensional letters are ideal. For the business that likes to add more information such as taglines or mottos, a box cabinet makes sense.
  3. Trends. Our experts conduct a site survey that takes into consideration what the businesses around you are using for signage. The goal is to stand out with the sign without sticking out.

Q: How do I know what the finished sign will look like before I commit to the purchase?

A: Our graphic artists meet with clients for a sign consultation. At that time, we talk about size, colors, type, and anything else the client would like to include with the product. Bring us any artwork you already have at that time. Next, our sign designers get to work and combine all the information you gave us into a sketch. We place this drawing into the form of a proof that shows the proposed sign design the way it would look after manufacture. At that time, you can sign off or request changes.

Q: What is the difference between doing business with your sign company in Miami FL, and ordering a product via the Internet?

sign company in Miami FLA: Internet sign designers are usually print shops. You create the sign using drag and drop features. When you like what you see, you click “send,” the printer manufactures the product and sends it to you. There are several downsides to this approach. For starters, you do not know if the sign you ordered is the best choice for your location. Secondly, you are on the hook for permitting and installing the item yourself. If the sign’s size or design does not pass muster with the zoning department, you have to start again and spend more money. Avoid this hassle by giving us a call today.

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