Contractors like yard signs because of their branding and marketing abilities. Real estate professionals use them because they draw attention to open houses and similar events. But did you know that there are additional uses for yard signs in Miami as well?

What Do Contractors and Real Estate Professionals Already Know that You Might Not (yet)?

yard signs in MiamiDo not let the diminutive size of the signage fool you. Granted, lawn signs are significantly smaller than banners or posters, but they pack quite a punch.

  • Customization. What do you want the sign to say? Do you want it to display a catchy message, your company’s name and logo, contact information, or something else altogether? Real estate professionals typically have a number of these products put together. They advertise an “agent on the premises” or an “open house event.”
  • Reusable. Stick the sign in the ground with a wooden or metal stake as needed. When you are done, simply pull out the sign, pack it into the trunk of your car, and you are ready to leave. For real estate agents, this may occur over the span of a few hours. Contractors may keep the signage in place for a few days, depending on the length of time they need to complete the work.
  • Marketing blitz possibilities. Advertise special deals and promotions with a flood of signs. For a marketing blitz, it is not unusual to see ten or more signs in a row that advertise an exclusive deal. Contractors sometimes put up a large number of signs on the last day they spend on a job. Adding urgency to their advertising appeal, they offer deep discounts for the next neighbor who hires them.

Who Else Uses Yard Signs?

yard signs in MiamiPolitical campaigns seem to put up lawn signs almost overnight. As the campaign heats up, new products take the places of older ones. The goal of this approach is the creation of name recognition, which is a must for a candidate who may not have the same traction as an opponent.

Service providers use markedly smaller lawn signs. For example, everyone is familiar with the alarm companies that place their branding information into clients’ yards. Doing so fulfills the purpose of protecting the homeowner from a would-be burglar who moves on because s/he learns that the home is wired for alarm. The signs also advertise the service to the neighbors.

Seasonal yard signs crop up when street fairs, neighborhood garage sales, parades, or county fairs take place. For these occasions, the organizers use the smaller signs to offer directions to parking lots, provide attendees with hours of operation, and present additional information that makes it possible for locals and visitors to enjoy the events.

Commission Your Yard Sign Today

yard signs in MiamiWith so many uses for yard signs in Miami, it is surprising that not more business professionals use them to their advantages. The marketing experts at the Vibrant Sign Studio welcome the opportunity to assist you with the presentation of a call to action or informative display in the form of a lawn sign. We serve the business communities in and around Miami-Dade County. Call us today to discuss your project!

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