Office signage collaborates with your interior décor to create an atmosphere conducive to doing business. What are the interior signs in Miami that you simply cannot do without?

A Lobby Sign Sets the Tone for Other Markers

interior signs in MiamiWhen we discuss outfitting an office with new signage, we always suggest starting with the lobby sign itself. The material, font, and mounting hardware you choose will influence similar picks for other interior office signs, too. Popular display options include logo signs and dimensional letters. Typical materials our clients prefer usually consist of acrylic, metal, PVC as well as more unusual options such as glass or granite. For an avant-garde look, the use of airplane cables is an excellent mounting option. When you prefer a contemporary look, you cannot go wrong with standoffs. For flush mounts, we use brackets that do not call for any hardware that is visible after the installation.

ADA Signs Combine Form with Function

interior signs in MiamiThe Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) governs the design of wayfinding signs for visually impaired consumers. These signs must meet specific color contrast, font usage, and Braille II display rules. In addition, there are pre-defined mounting locations and heights. We frequently design, manufacture, and install three distinct products that meet ADA standards.

  1. Restroom signs. We recommend the combination of symbols and lettering when identifying the location of (or directions to) the restrooms.
  2. Suite markers. To make the required color contrast work for you, consider the use of clear acrylic with a black or navy blue imprint. When displayed against light-colored walls, this contemporary look meets all the requirements set forth by the Act. An offset brushed aluminum panel presents the suite number as well as Braille dots.
  3. Room signage. Label the conference room, kitchen, supply room and any office spaces that fulfill permanent functions. Examples might include the human resources department and the CEO’s office.

Wall Graphics Underscore Your Atmosphere

interior signs in MiamiCompanies are now stepping away from traditional wall art and instead look to wall graphics that highlight their branding messages. For example, rather than hanging up print images of the firm’s founder, a company might present a timeline from the business’ founding to today. This graphic would take up the length of a hallway and feature graphics, quotes, dates, and emphasized highlights.

Another favored presentation choice is the use of a motto or mission statement as a piece of focal wall art. Showing off this display inspires employees as well as prospective customers and investors. Highlight your current or planned expansions in the conference room. Placed on the wall that usually serves as the backdrop for video conferencing, you succeed in branding and advertising your business even during those interactions.

Discussing Interior Signs in Miami with the Specialists

When you are ready to outfit your office with new signs, upgrade existing products, or need to re-brand, we can help. We can work with the graphics you already have, incorporate new colors, or create something completely new from the ground up. Contact us today to discuss the design of a signage suite or the individual components needed to fit in perfectly.

interior signs in Miami