If you could change the atmosphere in your office overnight, would you? If you had the ability to present targeted advertising graphics throughout your store within a few short hours, would it be worth your while? Our guide to wall graphics in Miami explains how you can do just that – without hiring a painter or interior decorator.

A Brief Introduction to Vinyl and Inkguide to wall graphics in Miami, guide to wall murals in Miami

Wall graphics and murals consist of fully customizable vinyl material.

  • Adhesive. The material adheres to your walls without the need for added glue. Whether your walls consist of bricks, drywall, or wood planks, the vinyl sticks.
  • Laminate. We always recommend laminating the vinyl for added protection. Colorful graphics that receive natural sunlight exposure can fade if they do not have a protective laminate. Frequent touches cause the images to smudge without a laminate. Additionally, the coating makes the product easier to clean.
  • Environmentally friendly inks. We use water-based inks that do not emit noxious fumes. Our products are therefore suitable for display around small children and consumers with allergies.

How to Choose Your Imagesguide to wall graphics in Miami, guide to wall murals in Miami

At the Vibrant Sign Studio, we are firm believers in the hands-on, personalized client consultation. During this sit-down meeting, we work with our customers to discover the images, colors and graphics shapes that would work best for them to achieve their marketing and branding goals. In some cases, our clients already have images that they want to see transformed into wall graphics or murals.

If you do not yet have anything on file, we can help. We maintain an extensive library of stock photos that could be ideal backdrops to your marketing or branding messages. When you need help with the setup of a graphic and its lettering, our artists gladly assist with the creation of the product. We specialize in the manufacture of fully customized graphics suites that support the advertisement of your newest product line or service. Moreover, we routinely work with franchisees to incorporate new corporate graphics into the mix of already existing packages.

Why Add Murals?

guide to wall graphics in Miami, guide to wall murals in MiamiOur guide to wall murals in Miami would be incomplete without discussing the use of full wall coverings. Unlike graphics, which may present with custom shapes and sizes but only cover a portion of the wall’s surface, a mural covers the entirety of the available space.

  • Display options. Consider this image for lobbies and waiting rooms. Any place where you want to create a unique atmosphere benefits from the presentation of this product.
  • Textures. We work with multiple vinyl types that feature smooth or textured surfaces. You decide on the material that suits your setting the best.
  • Colors. Opt for black and white displays for a modern look and feel. This setup is a favorite of software companies and architectural firms. Colorful renditions are ideal for all settings. In some cases, our clients like to use sepia tones with one added color for contrast.

In short, adding murals has the power to alter the way your customers or clients perceive your space and branding message. Contact us today to learn more about your options and to get started on your design appointment.

guide to wall graphics in Miami, guide to wall murals in Miami