Have you noticed the bright yellow vans driving through town? They feature the smiling image of David Beckham. In fact, they are promotional van graphics in Miami for the Sprint4Copa campaign. The Sprint network is famous for its call, text, and data plans that connect 19 Latin American countries. Since a passion for footbol is another connecting factor, the company is combining the two for a highly noticeable ad campaign. Exclaiming, “Game on con Sprint,” this marketing and branding combo is now one of the most visible expressions of the corporate logo.

Imagine the Impact Your Graphics Could Have

The ad campaign put together by Sprint hits all the right notes. But you do not have to be a huge company to advertise like one. In fact, we can help you put together a graphics package that helps your business to gain name recognition and generate brand as well as product awareness among consumers.

  • Full wraps. A full wrap refers to the installation of printed vinyl sheets that display an advertising message on your van. They cover every inch of the vehicle and turn heads.
  • Partial wraps. If your van’s paint job is ideally suited for incorporation into the marketing message, why not save some money with a partial wrap? Choose from a three-quarter, half, and one-quarter wraps that express your marketing message with style and pizzazz.
  • Graphics and lettering packages. Another option is the combination of lettering and graphics. The lettering shows off your company’s name and contact information. If your line of business is not readily discernible based on your name, we suggest adding a brief niche explanation. Augment this clarification with graphics that pertain to your corporate persona.

Reaching a Targeted Demographic

promotional van graphics in MiamiWhat sets apart companies that use mobile advertising from those that do not is as simple as the understanding that going where your likely customers are is a lot easier when you are not stationary. A billboard only advertises to members of your target audience if they drive past it. A wrapped or graphics treated van broadcasts to this group simply by being parked or driving where members of the group spend time.

Do you want to explore a new service territory? Start driving around the neighborhood, eating lunch at a local restaurant, and spending time shopping there. While your treated vehicle is parked clearly visible in the lots of the venues you frequent, your graphics do the rest. They introduce your service and name. They also help prospective customers learn more about your products or services. When you follow up this exposure with direct mail, social media, or newspaper campaigns, you are already a familiar sight, which may result in more interest in your brand.

Buying Promotional Van Graphics in Miami

Contact our signage specialists to discuss your next mobile marketing campaign. We work with you to design a comprehensive graphics package that makes your vehicle stand out in all the right ways. Whether you select a full wrap or opt for a lettering and graphics combination, our artists help put together an appearance that sets you apart from others. Contact us today to schedule your design consultation.

promotional van graphics in Miami