Lobby signs in MiamiFamous for the Cuban influences on music and cuisine, Miami is a destination for tourists and entrepreneurs alike. Major employers include Kraft Foods, Sony, and Celebrity Cruises. Due to its strong international appeal and business community, companies setting up their offices here must grab a hold of the global flair. Case in point is the commission of lobby signs in Miami.

Acrylic Opens a World of Artistic Options

Appealing to an international clientele is easy when you use versatile acrylic. Flat-cut, it presents with crisp edges and can take on a glossy or matte appearance. We can paint the material in any number of colors. Customizing the height, width and depth can be done without a problem. Standard depths can go up all the way to one-half inch. When mounted with standoffs, acrylic lettering, boards or logo style elements appear to hover just above the wall surface. One of the latest trends is the use of LED illumination with this material. Going this route identifies you as a thought leader in your niche.

Foam Letters Enable Your Vision of Dramatic Displays

Custom office lobby signs MiamiSign foam is a durable material that is suitable for cutting into dimensional letters. Paint it or add laminate facings made from acrylic or metal. When you like to create a three-dimensional lobby sign that is as eye-catching as it is dramatic, this is the material you cannot do without. Depths may reach three inches, which can look fantastic with just the right illumination to heighten the shadow play of the design. Foam is also a great option when working with acrylic board backdrops to create multiple 3D effects in one sign design.

Metal Letters Combine Pizzazz with Old-fashioned Values

Financial institutions and attorneys like to use metal when commissioning their lobby signage. They do so because metal hints at longevity and durability. Consumers subconsciously transfer the properties of the material to the impression of the business. Opt for aluminum, gold or brass looks. Finishes may present a brushed, polished or satin appearance. When the idea of installing solid metal lettering to your wall does not sound appealing, consider the use of foam letters with a metal laminate front.

Joining the Avant-garde is Easy with Vinyl Wall Graphics and Murals

Reception Area Signs MiamiAnother hot new arrival on the lobby signage display scene is the use of vinyl murals and graphics instead of traditional letters or logo boards. When you visit up and coming enterprises, you occasionally find wrapped walls that show off subliminal designs and incorporate a logo as well as a name display right in the wrap itself. Other options include the combination of a focal wall mural with an incorporated lobby sign or a graphics package that stands alone to present the information.

If we have inspired you to consider a playful, trendy or global approach to commissioning lobby signs in Miami, contact us today to learn more about your options. We gladly visit your location to take in your branding tools and current signage setup. When you prefer a more traditional appeal for your lobby marker, we can help you with that, too.

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