Local business owners with offices and stores are retrofitting their walls with murals, decals, and spot graphics. Painted surfaces no longer suffice. We get more and more questions about wall graphics printing and installation in Miami. What do these business owners know that others might not yet have heard?

Substrates Include Textured Vinyl

Wall graphics printing and installation in MiamiTexture can amplify your interior décor. Rather than choosing a flat surface for your graphics display, consider the use of a slightly wavy texture for images involving water or a canvas style vinyl that turns your rendition of a bouquet of flowers into a work of art. Since the surface is embossed, it does not affect the color distribution but allows for a truly eye-catching presentation of your image. But before you pick out an unusual vinyl material, let us take a quick look at your walls. For example adding textured vinyl to a brick wall may not be a good choice because the combination of nooks and crannies may be overwhelming.

Vibrant Colors Communicate Brand Messages

Wall graphics printing and installation in MiamiThe inks we use create vibrant colors. Our wide format print equipment ensures that your edges are crisp, the pictures never look washed out, and there is no display of unneeded seams. This combination allows us to present your brand message with plenty of details that harmonize and act as eye candy. Visitors to your lobby or storefront cannot help but pay attention to the information you display. Savvy business owners frequently ask us to mix large and small fonts to draw in even the person just passing through an office or store.

Black and White Drawings Make Fantastic Backgrounds for the Right Businesses

Wall graphics printing and installation in MiamiIf you are an architect, own a construction company, or are involved in property management, you cannot go wrong with the installation of artists’ renditions featuring buildings you participated in creating or managing. The use of drawings as the subjects of wall graphics or murals brings sophistication to your space, sets the tone for client negotiations, and outlines clearly what type of service you provide.

Installation Details

What makes the print presentations work is the right installation technique. Not even the highest quality print equipment can compensate for a sloppy mounting. For this reason, our technicians undergo rigorous training and work in pairs to ensure that there are no errors. After all, they only have one opportunity to make the installation work. If they make mistakes, the panels have to be reprinted.

We start by cleaning the wall to remove dust, construction debris, and anything else that could hamper the proper adhesion of the vinyl to the wall. Next, we mask off the area around the workspace. It is our goal to handle an installation in such a manner that the area is pristine after we leave; the only thing that should make it obvious that we were there is the presentation of a new wall graphic.

If we have piqued your curiosity about wall graphics printing and installation in Miami, call us today to discuss your questions.

Wall graphics printing and installation in Miami