Located at 5200 Blue Lagoon Drive, L’Bel is the luxury brand of Belcorp, a renowned Latin American beauty products company. The skin care lines the supplier sells are French-formulated. When the business’ Miami office needed a lobby sign that would brand its innovative approach to beauty, the company’s management team contacted our experts for assistance.

Designing, Manufacturing, and Installing an Acrylic Letter Lobby Sign in Miami

After consulting with our client, we designed a set of dimensional letters using acrylic. We color-matched the charcoal-gray from the website’s lettering display. Doing so gives the business the benefit of supporting name recognition and brand awareness when clients, investors, or buyers visit the office. We followed the font example set by the company’s online presence, too. The finished product presents with a glossy set of letters that we mounted flush to the cream-colored wall. The harmony of the tone contrast is pleasing to the eye.

Color Contrast or Match? You Decide!

Interestingly, there are three schools of thought.

  1. Elegance. Choose a paint for the acrylic that matches your wall. Next, go one shade lighter or darker. If you have carefully matched furnishings and floor coverings, you cannot go wrong with this color selection for your reception signage.
  2. Dramatic flair. When you want to evoke strong emotions and almost force the eye to take in your lobby sign, a color contrast is ideal. The higher the contrast between the tones, the more dramatic the impression you make.
  3. Warm atmosphere. Conversely, the sign color that harmonizes with the wall tones succeeds in creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Clearly, L’Bel achieved this effect with its selection of hues.

Should You Choose Acrylic, Foam, or Metal Letters?

acrylic letter lobby sign in Miami Acrylic is a favorite choice of companies engaged in creative pursuits and ventures that require out-of-the-box thinking. Examples include beauty salons, software engineers, architects, and music studios. Metal usually appeals to businesses in the financial and legal professions. It signals trustworthiness, longevity, and adherence to tried and true business practices.

Foam allows for dramatic displays. Heighten the effect of available thicknesses by aiming a spotlight at the letters. Choose paint, vinyl overlays as well as acrylic or metal laminates to dress up the lettering’s fronts. This budget-friendly material works well across the niches and makes an excellent impression no matter where you choose to install it.

Buying Your Next Lobby Sign

If we have inspired you to take a closer look at an acrylic letter lobby sign in Miami, please contact our graphic artists to discuss your brand message. We work with you to make sure that this message comes out clearly, reaches your targeted audience, and defines the space where you welcome your clients. Moreover, we help you to think through matching signage solutions for other markers you still need around the office or storefront.

If you are uncertain about the size of the letters, recently underwent a re-branding process, or are buying the first sign for your office, we can assist you with the material and color choices. Contact us today to schedule your design consultation.

acrylic letter lobby sign in Miami