Located at 10300 SW 72nd Street, Vista Plus Insurance operators have decided to join the mobile marketing revolution. Expanding on the business’ stationary advertising with a movable component now introduces a new demographic of consumers to the company. However, unlike the use of a car wrap or lettering package, these professionals decided instead on the installation of a vehicle vinyl window perf in Miami.

Perforated Vinyl is Ideal for Rear Windows

What sets apart this material from your standard plastic is the presence of micro-punctures. Because of their alignment and puncture to solid material ratio, the process allows the material to become see-through from one side. The other side features a solid appearance.

After meeting with our client, we designed the perf to feature the company’s mascot, the business’ name and contact information for the agent. Now, when this professional drives the Toyota Yaris with the treated rear window, the consumer only sees the graphics presentation while the driver has no problem seeing outside and safely navigating the road.

Why Window Perfs are Getting More Popular

Vehicle Vinyl Window Perf in MiamiBusiness owners, who invest in mobile marketing, like the idea of incorporating their vehicles’ rear window surfaces in the process.

  • Continuity of a wrap or graphic. Rather than cutting off the image or lettering when a wrap’s vinyl reaches the rear windows, our graphic artists can keep going with the design simply by switching the material used for printing.
  • Focus on motorists. The rear window appeals to the driver who follows you. When stopped at a light, at the drive-through window, or anywhere else that someone parks behind you for any amount of time, the marketing message communicates your information. It is not unusual for drivers to take cell phone photos of a vehicle’s rear window message to have the information later on.
  • Protect tools from view. Our contractor clients like to close off the rear and side windows of their work vans and trucks because this is frequently the location where they store tools. By not having these items clearly in view, they protect their property against potential theft.
  • Budget-friendly. For our fleet clients, the installation of a perforated vinyl window product is a budget-friendly solution that allows for the treatment of many more vehicles than a wrap or even graphics and lettering product would permit.

How to Buy a Vehicle Vinyl Window Perf in Miami

Contact our visual artists to schedule a client consultation. This is an excellent opportunity for you to bring us artwork that you already have on file and would like us to incorporate in the marketing product. When you prefer that we customize a display from the ground up, it helps us to have you right there and give us input on how you envision this product to look. This process cuts down on time and ensures that we get your design exactly right.

Once you are satisfied with what you see, we start the manufacturing process. Next, we schedule a time that we can install the perforated vinyl to your vehicle’s targeted windows. In fact, if you contact us today, we can schedule your consultation right away!

Vehicle Vinyl Window Perf in Miami