Studies prove that Americans spend about 15 hours each week in their cars. During that time, you have a captive audience that sees your wrapped vehicles and takes in their messages. The best vehicle wraps in Miami traffic are those that get your message across in about five to six seconds. They easily become the catalysts for purchases. After all, some 30 percent of consumers exposed to mobile marketing report that they make buying decisions because of advertisements they see while on the road. Selecting the right sign shop to help you with the design and installation does not have to be vehicle wraps in Miami, how to choose a vehicle wrap provider in Miami

Ask for a Look at the Design Book

Wrap designers and installers take pride in their work. As a result, they usually keep a book with images of their products on hand. It is a cross between a “brag book” and a sample of their artistry, quality, and ability to translate a marketing message into a visually appealing display. Ask to see the design book and look at some of the wraps the pros did.

Do they look right? Can you make out the marketing message quickly? Do the style elements point your attention to the main statement the wrap is designed to make? Since these images are the best of the best, you should not see any design or installation errors. If you are not impressed, you may not be impressed with what these folks will cook up for you, either.

Work with an Organized Sign Probest vehicle wraps in Miami, how to choose a vehicle wrap provider in Miami

Several steps take you from inception to a professionally installed vehicle wrap.

  • The quote. A graphic artist meets with the client to get the information needed for a price. This is a fact-finding meeting that allows the sign shop to present you with a dollar figure that factors in your vehicle’s size and any special add-ons that need to be treated.
  • Design consultation. Experts work with you to put together a design that communicates your message succinctly. This collaboration empowers you to bring designs, ideas and graphics to the table.
  • Proof approval. A completed proof shows you what the finished product will look like once it is installed on your vehicle. Once you approve it, the product is manufactured, and your car readied for installation.

This process should be organized with emails confirming conversations you had over the phone or in person.

Can the Professional “Talk Turkey” about Business?best vehicle wraps in Miami, how to choose a vehicle wrap provider in Miami

The professionals working on your vehicle wrap must have design expertise for the commercial sector. An understanding of marketing practices, color psychology, and dimensional layout should be present. If this is your first wrap design and you are not a business insider, you need the help of an expert to put together a wrap presentation that appeals to consumers you are targeting.

Now that you know how to choose a vehicle wrap provider in Miami, call us to set up an appointment for a client consultation. We would love to show you some of our work and walk you through the process of transferring your advertising message into a visually compelling mobile marketing product.

best vehicle wraps in Miami, how to choose a vehicle wrap provider in Miami