When we discuss building signage with our clients, we usually mention box cabinets, dimensional letters, sandblasted boards, and channel letters. Since the vast majority of business owners prefer channel letter signs in Miami FL, many of our customers follow suit. If you are currently thinking of outfitting your business with a sign that will represent the face of your brand on the outside, but if you are unsure whether channel letters fit the bill, there are some points to consider.

Create Brand Recognition with Letters

channel letter signs in Miami FLThe combination of a company’s font, color selection, and style elements involved in the presentation of its name and logo becomes part of the brand. For this reason, you see brand information on packaging, brochures, trade show displays, and anything else having to do with the company. Reproducing this look with a building sign can have the most dramatic impact when selecting channel letters.

  • Vibrant colors. We fashion the bodies of the letters from aluminum. Depending on your lighting preference, we usually close the fronts with glossy polycarbonate that features your main colors. By focusing the consumer’s attention on the font and color arrangement, you enhance brand recognition.
  • After-dark illumination. When the LEDs turn on, the previously vibrant colors now become beacons with a bold display of hue and light. For the client who chooses a backlit construction, the letters now present awash in a halo of light. This dramatic appearance leaves a great impression.
  • 3D presentation. Typical channel letters jut out somewhat because of the construction method we use. If you opt for a raceway installation, you can heighten the three-dimensional effect even more. The mixture of the brand message with the lighting and 3D aspect creates or enhances brand recognition.

Adapt the Product for a Variety of Surface Installations

channel letter signs in Miami FLIf your company does business out of a building with a façade that does not accommodate the installation of certain signage solutions, the channel letter setup on a raceway may be the right answer. We drill only a small number of holes to accommodate the box that contains the electrical components.

Since we do not need access to the back of the wall with this installation technique, the adaptation specifically benefits businesses in older buildings. Moreover, we secure the installation with hardware that reduces the strain on the surrounding façade. This procedure makes channel letters a viable building sign option even when other products are impractical for your venue.

Augment the Brand Message with Secondary Signage Components

channel letter signs in Miami FLWhen you want to make a significant impact on the local consumer, channel letter signs in Miami FL, are only the beginning. We have identified a number of secondary signage solutions that pair well with this product for an enhancement of your marketing message.

  • Customized window graphics. Pinpoint specific goods or services you want your customers to know about. Remember also to repeat your branding information.
  • A-frames. Slowing down foot traffic in front of your business is a snap when you place branded A-frames in front of your location. List specials you offer today or announce the arrival of sought after products.
  • Flags and banners. Catch the eyes of motorists and pedestrians with colorful banners and flags. Colors support your channel letter sign and brand message. In fact, contact us today to learn more about ordering channel letters for your company and supporting the sign’s message with additional markers.

channel letter signs in Miami FL