Foodgroup International, Inc. is a distribution business that operates a local warehouse complex. To assist those making deliveries with wayfinding, and to present a professional appearance to the public, the business’ management team contacted our experts to discuss the design, manufacture, and installation of exterior dimensional lettering. After meeting with the client, we created the product with yellow and orange style elements. The logo itself features white, ochre, and orange colors. We mounted the product to the façade, where it now expertly acts as a wayfinding and branding tool.

Why Choose Dimensional Letters?

Exterior dimensional letteringThe versatility of this product choice is not lost on business owners. When there is no need for built-in illumination, dimensional letters are a money-saving alternative to channel letters as well as lightbox cabinets. Because there are multiple material options open to you, it is possible to save even more money by selecting a budget-friendly choice. Examples include PVC and outdoor-rated foam. The latter is also a good material alternative if you will rely on printed vinyl overlays to present your colors. This step is common with exterior letters that feature geometric shapes or gradient color changes rather than solid tones.

Not Just for Building Signs

Exterior dimensional letteringAlthough the majority of our clients look to these products for building signage, there are other reasons to use letters on the exterior of your venue.

  • Monument sign. When you present your branding and marketing information to customers or clients with a monument near the entrance to your parking lot, you have plenty of lettering choices available to you. Because dimensional letters excel at presenting shadow displays, particularly when installed with standoffs, lots of clients pick them for the pizzazz they add to this signage.
  • Wayfinding. Mount venue-specific instructions to the exterior of your buildings. Complement the messages with arrows. You frequently see this type of setup around schools, medical office buildings, office parks, hotels as well as resorts, and on the campuses of larger faith communities where multiple buildings accommodate meetings.
  • Recognition. Religious communities, in particular, like to use dimensional letters to recognize the contributions of their donors. In some settings, you may see a building or meeting hall named after a donor. In other setups, a wall may feature multiple names of those who contributed to a building effort or other fundraising event.

Bringing the Look Inside

Exterior dimensional letteringBy the way, you do not have to limit the display of your lettering just to the building’s exterior. Lobby signs are only one example of interior signage solutions that rely on individual lettering for their displays. Wayfinding and donor recognition options also apply. Due to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards, you will also notice suite names and room labels that feature dimensional letters.

How to Order Interior or Exterior Dimensional Lettering

Contact our experts to discuss your signage needs. We gladly visit your location to take measurements, gauge the traffic speed in front of your business, and look around to see what other companies are using for their signage. These components help us to put together solid advice concerning the right type of marker at its best height and width. Call us today to schedule your design consultation!

Exterior dimensional lettering