Types of Exterior Signs in Miami FLThere are three distinct reasons for installing exterior building signs in Miami.

  1. Inform consumers of your company’s presence.
  2. Grab the attention of casual passersby and motorists.
  3. Create brand awareness and name recognition by featuring your company’s name, logo, and colors.

What are your options?

Lettering Displays Your Font for Easy Name Recognition

Spelling out your company’s name with letters gets you noticed. The more unusual the front of your venue, the more useful the letter setup becomes. Since each business has its specific marketing needs, we seek to discover the right lettering structure for your company.

  • Exterior Channel Letters Miami FLChannel letters. Available in lit and dark versions, these products follow the font of your writing and show off size differences in letters. Mount them directly to the wall, to a backboard for a particular color combination, or to a raceway that hides the electronic components of the lighting system.
  • Dimensional letters. We recommend the use of outdoor-rated sign foam, acrylic, formed plastic or metal. Choose the material based on your budget, the branding message you seek to convey, and the intensity of a dramatic presentation that you desire. Some dimensional letters may be lit while the majority requires external light sources.

Box Cabinets Offer Space for Added Information and Co-branding

Lightbox cabinets allow for the use of an installed light source. The box itself may present with a basic geometric shape or take on the look of your logo. The facing usually displays the company’s name and logo design elements. That said, some of our business clients like the idea of presenting professional affiliations, industry-specific certifications or the availability of products from particular manufacturers. Co-branding in this setting has the added advantage of making you an attractive go-to locale for consumers in search of specific brand names.

Boards Communicate the Atmosphere of Your Company

Exterior Illuminated Signs Miami FLRouted or sandblasted boards create a distinct impression. For a bed and breakfast, the use of a sandblasted high-density urethane board creates the option of showing off a colorful rendition of your company’s name with a 3D effect. Routed signage adds modern pizzazz. For a playful display, consider the use of a large aluminum board you imprint with your company’s information, selling points and decorative style elements. You frequently see these taking up a narrow portion of the building’s façade right next to the entrance. We recommend placing the company’s name at the top of this board.

Commissioning Your Signs for Buildings in Miami

Discuss your exterior signage needs in Miami with our graphic artists. If you are already sure of what your customers need to see, we can work with your designs. For the business owner who is not yet certain of the building sign that would look best, there is our client consultation. We show you different signage types and discuss customization options. Since we draw up sketches that detail the final look of the product, you have the unique opportunity to see the sign through the eyes of the customer. This process makes it easy to choose the look that is right for you. Contact us today to get started on your project.

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