Have you noticed that there are more and more custom designed wall graphics and decals in Miami business venues? Offices, retail environments, and most other types of businesses are now looking to vinyl wall enhancements for branding and marketing support. For example, plenty of companies now feature wall maps that show where they have branch offices and where they still intend to expand to. If you are still on the fence whether this approach could work for you, here are some facts you need to know today!

Present a Brand Message in Three Easy Steps

custom designed wall graphics and decal in MiamiFar more hard-hitting than an advertisement alone, your brand message tells the consumer why doing business with you is a good idea. Branding connects your company to the shopper on a gut level. Doing so with images is possible in three different ways.

  1. Colors. Colors resonate with people. Going beyond someone’s favorite color, these hues stand for something. For example, if you select Pantone’s color of the year – greenery – the combination of green and yellow means something. It stands for renewal, hope, growth, and spring. Your brand colors evoke similar feelings with the consumer. Use your walls to present them so that you put your buyer in the mood to do business with you.
  2. Shapes. Forms surpass the creation of an ambiance and send a message. Although abstract shapes may be primarily decorative, you can most certainly design them to point toward an action such as an image of someone using your product. Our graphic designers can create any wall graphic to suit your needs.
  3. Lettering. Spell out what makes you different from the competition. Be subtle by presenting the many ways you take corporate responsibility seriously; then again, be a bit more forceful by showing your customer service motto. Going back to the map idea, consider inviting the consumer to be part of the growing global family of product users with a call to action that combines graphics and lettering.

Advertise Like the Pros

Show detailed images of your products. Depending on the merchandise or services you sell, you might consider featuring comprehensive drawings, cut-away images, and related explanatory graphics that show customers how your products are put together. Doing so makes it possible to highlight benefits and differentiate your manufacturing methods from those of competitors.

Another great advertising method involves the whole-wall presentation of a service or product while a customer is enjoying it. Murals that feature these images give the shopper an opportunity to envision her or himself doing likewise. Add lettering in the form of a testimonial to present your case for buying your product. Some business clients have had excellent success by supplementing wall murals with retractable banner stands featuring brochure pockets.

Buy Custom Designed Wall Graphics and Decals in Miami

If we have piqued your interest in adding vinyl wall decals, lettering, and graphics products to your commercial space, discuss your plans with our experts. The business sign specialists at the Vibrant Sign Studio serve the business communities in and around Miami-Dade County (and beyond).

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custom designed wall graphics and decal in Miami