You find Composé at 3501 North Miami Avenue. Its showroom is a veritable smorgasbord of porcelain tiles, unique wall and floor tiles, and innovative décor additions. Just recently, the business renowned for its designer sets of wall tiles hosted a re-launch. It also needed a retail store blade sign in Miami FL. That was when we got the call to assist.

After meeting with our client, we designed a blade sign that suspends from the ceiling of an overhang just outside the showroom’s entrance. We started with a clear acrylic panel to which we mounted a white board imprinted with the company’s name and niche explanation. We created a perfect color match with the business’ online display of the corporate name. Next, we mounted the panel and board combination to a brushed aluminum sign anchoring system that bespeaks the avant-garde products inside.

Now, shoppers walking around the area cannot help but notice the entrance to Composé’s storefront. Because of the niche explanation, they know what to expect upon entering. Since the sign is mounted perpendicular to the wall, it succeeds at addressing pedestrians coming from either direction of the sidewalk, which is something that a building sign mounted flat to a façade does not. In this way, the company manages to enhance wayfinding functions while actively advertising its products. This sign is a win-win!

Blade Signs are not Just for the Outside any Longer!

retail store blade sign in Miami FLIf you decide to select a blade sign for your company’s exterior, you are not alone. Plenty of business owners have already done so. In fact, some pair a building sign that is flush-mounted to the façade with a blade that juts out at a right angle. By doing so, they catch the attention of pedestrians walking down the sidewalk as well as of those approaching the building from the front.

But did you know that blades also find uses on the inside of buildings?

  • Wayfinding. Assist those looking for a particular indoor location by displaying its locality with a sign that juts out from the wall. Select a highly noticeable color such as red to draw the eye. Clients have had excellent success when mounting the blades above the heads of those walking in corridors. You typically see this setup in the hallways of hospitals or on college campuses.
  • Location labeling. In addition to labeling rooms with ADA-compliant signs mounted at the right location, double up on informative displays with blade signs.
  • Directional instructions. Accompany room, department, or corridor labels with quick insights into what consumers will find there. You frequently see this in department or grocery warehouse stores where summaries of products accompany the labeling of aisles.

Buy the Blade Signs Miami, FL, Business Owners Swear By

When you want to take a page from the playbook of Composé, discuss your plans with our building sign specialists. We work with you to put together a look that amplifies your branding and marketing messages. Moreover, we help you to decide on the most advantageous display options for the product. Call us today to get started on this project!

retail store blade sign in Miami FL