You already know us as the go-to expert for commercial wraps, fleet vehicle graphics, and mobile marketing solutions. But did you know that we are also the recognized specialists for color change wraps in Miami FL?

Taking a Vehicle from Plain White to Matte Military Green

color change wraps in Miami FLOur client owns a Mercedes-Benz AMG G63. The vehicle has excellent lines, but the white paint job does not do it justice. Because he envisioned a matte military green color for the vehicle, it was clear that an affordable hue change would not come from the spray booth of a car painting business. For starters, they have a difficult time with matte tones. Secondly, to do it correctly, this type of paint job is very costly.

A color change wrap is, therefore, a great alternative. It uses the same technology as a full vehicle wrap, but we do not design images, designs, or a layout that includes lettering. Instead, we focus on getting the color exactly right and adding accents as instructed. The installation for the Mercedes was very involved. There were quite a few chrome pieces that we had to take off and then later reinstall. Even so, the finished product was well worth the extra time spent. The vehicle now looks fantastic, and the client is ecstatic about the new, sleek look of the car.

Who Comes in for Color Change Wraps?

color change wraps in Miami FLThe procedure is far more popular than you might imagine. Plenty of folks get vehicles for cheap but simply cannot live with the paint job.

  • Hand-me-down vehicle drivers. If you have a teenager in the family who just recently passed the driver’s license test, you know that handing her or him a brand new car is not usually a good idea. Instead, typically a vehicle is handed down to the newly minted motorist. To sweeten the deal, parents frequently come in to boost the “cool” of the hand-me-down car with a wrap that turns a baby blue vehicle into a study of viper green with a scaly texture or a matte, deep purple.
  • Business owners. Buying a used box truck for a song was the easy part. Undoing the last owner’s home garage paint job is another. Rather than painting the box truck, it makes sense to wrap it in one of the colors from the corporate palette.
  • Car aficionados. When a car collector makes a spectacular find with an outrageously bad paint job, the latter saves the buyer a lot of money. Coming to us for a redo on the paint color with a wrap makes sense. Some folks opt for gunmetal gray with carbon fiber accents or something similar.

Talk to the Experts to Discuss Your Color Change Wrap

color change wraps in Miami FLYou may not be one of the folks who like military green color change wraps in Miami FL. Instead, a brushed metal or textured look may be more to your liking. Then again, why not look at our midnight blue, high gloss option? It offers a jaw-dropping appearance that combines classy chic with gorgeous color play.

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color change wraps in Miami FL