When discussing car wraps Miami business owners know all about the colorful designs and eye-catching images that transform any vehicle into a mobile marketing message. Frequently, however, they do not know that there are plenty of options open to them. Besides, does it really make sense to invest in this marketing product? We have the information you need.

Car Wraps vs. Graphics

car wraps MiamiWraps fall into two basic categories: full setups that cover the entirety of the vehicle’s exterior and partial displays that cover 75 percent, 50 percent, or 25 percent of the car, truck, or van. Our clients have had excellent success with full wraps since this type of presentation allows for a maximum amount of advertising display. That said, plenty of our customers have also done exceptionally well with partial wraps when we incorporated their vehicles’ base colors in the design to underscore the brand message.

Graphics products usually refer to displays that cover less than 25 percent of a vehicle. We recommend pairing these images with lettering that spells out your company’s name and contact information. A niche-specific photo makes it clear, at a glance, what type of business you advertise. Usually, it is a good idea to follow up this information with a niche explanation. If you like the idea of having consumers connect with you online, spell out your company’s website address and social media platform icons.

Less Expensive Than Other Advertising Products

car wraps MiamiVinyl film manufacturer 3M has evaluated the effectiveness of wrap products. Its researchers found that dollar for dollar, they are much cheaper than other advertising options. Measuring value by assigning a cost to 1,000 impressions, they concluded that a business would have to spend $7.75 to reach that many radio listeners or $21.46 to get the attention of 1,000 magazine readers. With a fleet graphics package, you only pay $0.48 to have 1,000 consumers take notice of your advertising.

Of course, the effectiveness does not stop there. Interviewing consumers, the researchers tallied answers that showed a 97-percent recall of an ad that a truck wrap displayed. Plenty of folks listen to the radio and usually cannot remember the commercials they just heard. A staggering 98 percent of polled respondents believed that this advertising solution contributed to an overall positive image of the business – even though they might not have interacted with the brand before.

Adding on to Wraps or Graphics Heightens the Impact

car wraps MiamiPerforated vinyl window graphics are superior marketing tools for the vehicle with rear windows. The perforations allow the driver to look outside, which makes it perfectly safe to operate a vehicle with this marketing message installed. Those on the outside of the car only see the printed message.

Another great addition is the use of reflective graphics. Citing the American Trucking Association, 3M notes that the use of reflective graphics film can increase the number of impressions per year by 40 percent. If you do a lot of driving in the early morning hours or after dark, this product can give you a decisive edge.

If we have piqued your interest in finding out more about car wraps, Miami business owners can call the professionals at the Vibrant Sign Studio for information and to schedule a design consultation.

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