Niche retailers, legal services providers, and travel agents routinely use canvas wall art instead of posters or other types of mounted prints to advertise their products and services. What do these professionals know that you may not yet be aware of?

Why Choose Canvas Prints?

Canvas Wall ArtDoes the name Otto Baumberger ring a bell? This Swiss painter created many posters in an Art Deco style that make fantastic travel advertisements. Italian Gino Boccasile worked during the same time but specialized in food-related displays. Rather than just reprinting the images on cardstock or paper, they look so much more impressive when choosing canvas. This material consists of a polyester and cotton blend, which is suitable for museum-quality artwork creation.

Advertising and Branding with Wall Art

Canvas Wall ArtTypically, business owners choose wall art to tie together the look of a room. The products may feature multiple colors that display in the area. When you use wall art to communicate branding and advertising messages, you do the same thing – but you pick out the images with a purpose in mind.

  • Niche pictures. Stock photos are excellent sources for the creation of canvas prints. Select appropriate artwork that bespeaks your field and features it in a positive light. Great examples are the travel posters we mentioned earlier.
  • Add the wording. Some images will already have the lettering that the original artist included. But in other situations, you might want to add your spin to the message. Our experts help you to decide on the layout and tenor of the wording.
  • Include the branding. We recommend a color-coordinated border wrap that features one of your corporate hues. Another option is the presentation of a frame featuring this color. Still another brand display is the choice of depth. Pick a thin bit of artwork that is at home in minimalist settings or opt for a deeper appearance with a stretch frame that reaches up to 2.5 inches in depth.

Protect the Artwork

Canvas Wall ArtWhen discussing the creation of a custom print, choose matte canvas for a softened expression of art reproductions. Opt for glossy material when you want to feature painting reproductions and intend to draw attention to the textures. Both display types look fantastic, and it just depends on your taste how you want to show off the product.

That said, protecting the artwork is crucial, no matter which finish you pick. Unlike other kinds of mounted prints, this type does not need a wipe-down cleaning. You might dust the product lightly if needed. That said, treat it as you would any other example of fine art. Do not expose the canvases to moisture or humidity. If you move offices, have professional movers handle the products or call our experts to assist with the crating and transport.

How to Buy Canvas Wall Art

Contact our graphic artists to discuss your advertising plans. We work with you on image selection, wording, layout, finish, and display options. After we manufacture the products, we install them at your desired locations. Call us today to get the process started!

Canvas Wall Art