The online trading place of eBay has everything and anything you could want. You can get great deals there, too! But in some situations, the adage of “let the buyer beware” does apply. Cases in point are window graphics on eBay.

Who Sells Window Graphics on an Online Trading Website?

window graphics on eBayIn some situations, a consumer may have ordered a set of graphics that s/he then decided not to use. Since the shop will not take back a custom order, putting the items up on eBay seems like the best option. Another scenario involves the sign shop operator who has an overage of window film and wants to get rid of it. Because the manufacturer does not take back opened products or items that are outdated, this seller turns to eBay as a way of recouping at least some losses.

A Good Deal or a Buyer Beware Scenario?

window graphics on eBayThe look of your window graphics is not something you want to leave to chance. When you intend to use them for your company’s advertising and branding, a second-hand product cannot yield the benefits a customized setup provides.

  • Unique lettering. You need a local sign shop to help you put together a look that encapsulates your branding and marketing messages. Even if the font looks close, it is not exact, which means that you will be communicating someone else’s advertising message.
  • Heavy-duty digital printers. Printing on vinyl is not something you can achieve with the typical home printer. Although you may be able to put together a temporary product for a party on a thin film, the product we use for window graphics is different. Also, the dyes our equipment relies on feature specific properties that ensure colorfastness and UV resistance. Again, this is not something your home or office printer provides.
  • Expert installation service. Have you ever seen tinted car windows that all but screamed DIY? You can tell by the air bubbles and small rips that this is a job a first-timer undertook. And there is nothing wrong with trying to save a bit of money on a vanity treatment of your personal vehicle. However, when it comes to your business’ car, truck, or van, you cannot come across as a novice. The display must be exact, look professional, and underscore that you are well aware of the importance images carry. Make a mistake here, and prospective customers may choose someone else for the job solely based on the display.
  • Graphic design services. If you are doing window wraps for your advertising, it pays to have professional graphic designers handle the project. These experts know how to position style elements in the for-, back-, and middle ground of a setting to evoke maximum effectiveness. When you want to incorporate 3D images, in particular, you need the help of experts.

Window Graphics on eBay May Not be a Good Deal After All

window graphics on eBayWhen you consider the lack of professional services and the many ways that a cheap set of eBay-bought window graphics can make a wrong impression, they are suddenly no longer such a great deal. In fact, if you are looking for a good deal, talk to our experts!

window graphics on eBay