In the trade of providing business, commercial real estate, and hard money loans, customers entrust the Brickell Financial Group with their companies’ success. When the group needed a new signage solution for the reception area, its management team contacted us to discuss the design, manufacture, and installation of lobby logo signs for financial firms in Miami FL.

Dimensional Lettering Sets the Tone for a Branding Message

After consulting with our client, we put together a sign that features dimensional letters as well as a logo portion. The blue and silver tones of the style elements highlight the brushed aluminum material, which adds a contemporary appeal to the overall presentation. We flush-mounted the product to the wall, where the illumination setup allows for the formation of some shadow play, which creates added visual appeal.

Why Brushed Aluminum?

Clients like the material because it is easy on the budget and lightweight, which makes it an ideal solution for any wall installation. It is paintable, which makes it possible to either completely cover the material or let some of its good looks shine through. Another advantage is its suitability for installation in areas where this is a lot of illumination. Since it does not reflect the light the way a glossy finish would, the brushed appearance is ideal for a lobby with plenty of natural sunlight.

Dimensional Letters vs. a Logo Board

lobby logo signs for financial firms in Miami FLLogo boards typically consist of acrylic rectangles that feature vinyl overlays with the business’ imprinted information. Some clients prefer the use of dimensional letters on the boards as opposed to an overlay. Which approach is better? Actually, both are perfectly fine for a broad range of commercial applications. That said, there are three reasons why we might suggest dimensional letters vs. a logo board.

  1. Wall size. Large walls benefit from the use of dimensional letters because we adjust the sizing of the style elements as well as the spaces between them. For this reason, 3D presentations tend to be larger than most logo boards. If you have a lot of space to work with, the dimensional letter lobby sign is your best option.
  2. Conventional mounting hardware. If you do not intend to mount the product with airplane cables or standoffs, dimensional letters work very well. We can still use standoffs for the individual components, but they would not be as pronounced as they are for the boards that rely on them as accessories.
  3. Other signage products. Before we make a recommendation, we also look at the other signs you have in your office. If you already have plenty of acrylic boards in your space, a logo board may be a better choice – unless you intend to redo the office’s overall signage package.

Do You Need a New Lobby Sign?

Whether you want more information on lobby logo signs for financial firms in Miami FL, or are interested in getting information for a logo board that would be suitable for a legal office, real estate brokerage, or any other type of service establishment, we can help. Our experts gladly assist you with the selection of a layout, colors, materials, and installation setup.

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lobby logo signs for financial firms in Miami FL