PowerLoaders handles residential, commercial, and industrial moves. These professionals offer packing and unpacking services, project management, mobile storage, and customized moving packages. When the company’s management team needed box truck graphics for moving companies in Miami FL, its representative contacted our experts for assistance.

A Graphics Package Transforms a Box Truck

box truck graphics for moving companies in Miami FLThe vehicle features the standard white color it received at the factory. We treated the sides with the company’s name and logo. A tagline displays on the lower right-hand corner. The front of the truck repeats the logo, but this time it features the oval backdrop in a blue color that visitors to the website will remember. The sides of the truck and the back display this image alongside the company’s niche explanation, website address, phone numbers, and legally mandated licensing numerals.

Our technicians also created a set of magnets that attaches to the vehicle used when a company representative visits customers for quotes. Because it is possible to move these magnets to any vehicle, the management team can send out various pros and just transfer the mobile marketing message. Since the company’s ability to provide a quote is not tied to one particular vehicle, it adds to the efficiency of the office when responding to consumer inquiries.

Leveraging a Mobile Marketing Approach to Your Advantage

box truck graphics for moving companies in Miami FLFull wraps, partial wraps, spot graphics, images, lettering, lettering and graphics packages, and magnets, too, are all a part of the mobile marketing presence your company can rely on. Which approach is right for you?

  • Entrepreneurs. If you are new to the local business community, it makes sense to hit the ground running with a full or partial wrap. When there is a lot of competition in your field, this approach can bring in the customers that already established businesses lose because they are not yet on board with mobile marketing.
  • Established business owners. Differentiate your company from others in the same field by using a mobile marketing approach to highlight your product lines and services. Colorful presentations, graphics, lettering and changing images such as quick response (QR) codes as well as seasonal sales messages are just some of the options open to you.
  • Small businesses. When you are competing against larger companies or retailers, it pays to stand out from the crowd. Capitalize on the image of the small business that offers personalized customer service with truck, van, or car graphics that showcase your brand rather than a product line.

Do You Need Box Truck Graphics for Moving Companies in Miami FL?

Whether you want us to treat the latest addition to a fleet of vehicles or handle the graphics application for the one car, truck, or van you use in the course of the workday, we can help. Our experts assist you with the design and layout of a graphics package that encapsulates your brand message and advertises your company’s name. The experts at the Vibrant Sign Studio serve the local business community as well as those across the Miami-Date County area.

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box truck graphics for moving companies in Miami FL