High-quality customized posters are excellent marketing tools. You already know that you get the best custom posters in Miami from the Vibrant Sign Studio; but do you know why? To back up our claim, we have put together a section of frequently asked questions our clients have when thinking about advertising with posters.

advertise and market with custom posters in MiamiQ: What do you use to print the posters?

A: Although some sign companies are content to use flimsy paper, we prefer to use mid-grade card stock. Doing so allows the posters to have a sturdy feel but still make it possible to roll them up for easy storage. Depending on your need, we also offer high-grade card stock posters that feature a thickness about twice that of our regular products. These types of signs can stand up on easels as needed.

Q: What are the typical marketing applications for posters?

A: What sets apart posters from other advertising tools is the versatility of the medium. Hang them in your window with suction cups to advertise summer camps or the soon-to-be grand opening of a dance studio. Mounted on a colorful substrate, they become highly noticeable point of purchase signs. Frame the products for displays of niche-specific images that make mouths water or inspire the need to exercise. Within educational facilities, market your latest computer class, after-school club, or similar program that targets learners. These posters look great inside the display cases you usually find on the main levels near the entrances.

Q: How can I use the products for a maximum impact?

advertise and market with custom posters in MiamiA: If you are thinking of hanging them overhead in a store setting, opt for double-sided printing. Doing so addresses shoppers in each section of your store. Consider also the choice of contour-cut posters. Seasonal shapes put customers in a buying mood. For example, support the atmosphere of the winter holiday shopping season with wreath-shaped posters or reindeer likenesses. By the way, when you combine displays featuring posters in multiple sizes, you create an eye-catching marketing message. For example, two-foot by four-foot signs pair well with 18-inch by 24-inch pieces.

Q: Are posters suitable for trade shows?

A: There is no yes or no answer to this question; it depends on your display setup. For most booths and installations, the addition of posters works well. But there are some situations, usually with an avant-garde appearance, where the poster has to be completely customized to suit the tone of the display. A product that you had left over from a recent ad campaign most likely would not match your booth setup.

Q: Can you help me with the design?

A: Yes, we can. With graphic artists on staff, we gladly help you put together one or more posters for your next ad campaign. If you already have some graphics on file, we can incorporate them into a unique design. Even if you need us to start from scratch and have little more than an idea, we can help you with that, too. Our experts look forward to putting your thoughts into a tangible appearance that helps you to advertise and market with custom posters in Miami. Schedule a design consultation today to get started!

advertise and market with custom posters in Miami