Located at 1200 Brickell Avenue in Suite 1450, Acosta Tax & Advisory, PA, assists clients with business accountancy work. Examples include incorporation, bookkeeping, consultations, IRS matters, and similar services. When the firm needed one of our acrylic panel lobby signs for CPA firms in Miami FL, its management team contacted our experts for assistance.

Impressing Clients is Easy with a Multi-layered Presentation

acrylic panel lobby signs for CPA firms in Miami FLWe started the design with a transparent acrylic board. After adding a frosted vinyl overlay that we cut to leave about an inch free around the border of the panel, we installed dimensional metal letters that spell out the company’s name in its iconic layout. Depending on the client’s position in the lobby, they reflect the light differently. Finally, we added six brushed metal standoffs that leave just a bit of space behind the board to cast a shadow. The layering of this presentation is a feast for the eyes and presents a professional display of the company’s information.

Customization Matters for Financial Services Providers

When discussing signage with clients, they frequently wonder about the many options open to them. Some ask why there are so many thought processes that go into the construction of a lobby sign. After all, it is just a smaller version of a building sign or a larger version of the letterhead’s presentation, right? Wrong!

In fact, your lobby sign is the definition of your brand message. It tells the client about your approach to doing business. However, to achieve this branding feat, the marker relies on the combination of materials, manufacturing, and mounting.

  • Materials. Clear acrylic boards are a favorite way to start the design process. But from there, you might choose to add vinyl overlays or not, display your lettering with metal, acrylic, PVC, or foam, or go with an imprint. Another choice is the presentation of dimensional letters. There is no right or wrong way. It depends on the brand message you want to send to the client. For example, metal hints at the longevity of a business while acrylic gives the nod to its contemporary approach.
  • Manufacturing. Which technique should we employ when we put together a sign? For metal, we might create dimensional letters, etch a panel, cast a plaque, or create something else altogether. There are different manufacturing techniques for a broad range of materials. For example, some companies like the beauty of a sandblasted high-density urethane (HDU) sign for their lobbies.
  • Mounting. The standard mounting technique calls for the use of brushed aluminum standoffs. They pair well with any interior décor scheme. But avant-garde aficionados now ask for airplane cables that we might use to suspend a sign from the ceiling or specialty hooks in the wall. They look excellent in a minimalist setting. Others prefer a flush mount that does not show any hardware.

If we have piqued your interest in learning more about your reception area signage options in general, or acrylic panel lobby signs for CPA firms in Miami FL, in particular, simply contact our experts today!

acrylic panel lobby signs for CPA firms in Miami FL