Located at 8807 SW 132nd Street, AA Uniform is a family-owned business that specializes in providing school uniforms for a broad range of Miami’s educational facilities. To make the buying process easy for parents, the company sells via its store, by phone, and online. Moreover, the business keeps your information on file to make next year’s order a snap. When the store’s management team decided it was time to upgrade the pizzazz of its storefront’s curb appeal, its representative contacted our signage experts.

Vinyl Window Wraps in Miami Bring Style and Zing to a Storefront Location

vinyl window wraps in MiamiWhen we visited AA Uniform, we were greeted by a meticulously cleaned sidewalk and parking area. But the storefront itself was missing the pizzazz contemporary shoppers like to see. After consulting with the client, we suggested a full window wrap that would make it impossible to see inside the store but would offer the opportunity for the display of a well-designed marketing message that hits all the right notes.

Since the company does not use its windows for product presentations or seasonal advertising, the management team agreed. We created a wrap that displays the AA Uniform name and colorful logo against a gradient white background. Showing off children wearing multiple school uniforms and posing well for the cameras is an excellent advertising tool. Lettering names some of the schools for which the store offers clothes for sale. It is fair to say that the new wrap is taking the storefront’s curb appeal and giving it a massive boost.

Heightening Curb Appeal while Advertising Does Not Have to Cost a Mint

vinyl window wraps in MiamiIt is a common misconception that advertising your business while adding style to your venue’s overall appearance has to be expensive. This notion is simply not true. In fact, there are plenty of budget-friendly signage solutions that can achieve your overall goal of branding, marketing, and upgrading a location’s looks.

  • Window wraps. One of the most effective tools is the window wrap. When you do not use the glass panes for display purposes, turn them into 24/7 marketing machines instead. Wraps let the light from the outside stream into your venue, but the eyes of pedestrians only see your advertising message. Dressing up windows in this way gives your storefront instant pizzazz.
  • Foam signage. If the money is tight but the building sign is outdated, outdoor-rated foam comes to the rescue. The material is lightweight, which makes it suitable for any wall surface. Dress it up with laminates, paint, or a vinyl overlay for the display of gradient color and image changes.
  • Wall or floor graphics. A tired storefront quickly stands out with the installation of a niche-specific wall mural. Since the vinyl we use adheres to any wall surface, your storefront’s brick or stucco exterior is no problem. Floor graphics grab the eyes of consumers, bring splashes of color to an otherwise drab-looking sidewalk setting, and cover a multitude of pavement discolorations.

If we have inspired you to think through the appearance of your storefront and begin its appeal overhaul, start with vinyl window wraps in Miami. Our signage specialists are ready to start work on your project today!

vinyl window wraps in Miami