Why buy pre-fabricated signage at a big box office supply warehouse when you can shine with customized products at comparable prices? After all, if you do not make sure that you stand out and woo the business’ targeted demographic, who will? So, what are the top five custom signs in Miami, FL?

1. A-Frames

a frame sign, sandwich board signage

Also known as the sandwich board sign, the A-frame is instrumental in diverting foot traffic. It features two display sides, which present your message. Restaurants place these signs in the flow of foot traffic that passes by their venues. The signs show the company’s logo, name and a brief tagline that identifies the cuisine guests can expect to enjoy inside. Retailers use customized A-frames with poly-carbonate pockets to advertise sales and specials.

2. Lobby Signs

The lobby sign is the business card that you hang up in your reception area. It tells the visiting client or customer everything s/he needs to know about your business at a glance. Much more than just a collection of letters and logos, this sign communicates your branding message and either succeeds at making an excellent first impression or falls flat. We do the most customizing when designing these products. Materials ran the gamut from acrylic over metal to foam. Sizes differ; the combination of materials varies, too. Even installation methods serve to underscore your branding information.

3. Monument Signs

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Rely on a monument when you want to beckon motorists to enter your company’s parking lot. Companies situated along thoroughfares with higher speed limits cannot make do without this product. The same goes for offices located in business parks as well as stores that sit recessed on the land. With a parking lot or plenty of lawn between the entrance and the road, standing out is a must. Choose from brick and mortar, outdoor-rated foam, aluminum, and acrylic creations. Mixing and matching materials is possible. The facing may consist of dimensional or channel letters, box cabinets, changeable reader boards or something else altogether. The most effective markers are the ones that feature built-in light sources.

4. Routed Signs

You see the routed sign hanging like a shingle outside a storefront or bed and breakfast locale. You see it on the interior as a branding tool. There are even monument sign facings that consist of routed signage. We usually start with a plank of high-density urethane (HDU) or wood. For the latter, we suggest cedar. PVC is another possibility for displays that you plan to place on an interior wall. What sets apart this signage solution from others is the level of artistry that goes into the creation of a three-dimensional image that can be as colorful as you would like it to be.

5. Yard Signs

custom signs in Miami FL

Of all the custom signs in Miami, FL, that you see, the yard sign is probably the one most closely related to brand building. Real estate professionals use the inverted “L” with a hanging aluminum plank. It not only identifies properties for sale but also advertises their realty offices. Contractors use yard signs that stick into the ground and name the company that is putting on a new roof or installing solar panels. Political candidates routinely send out volunteers to put these signs out. The products help the campaign enhance name recognition.

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