There are countless applications for vinyl wall decals in Miami. Business owners with a broad range of company types use these products every day. If you are not sure how these decals could benefit your enterprise, take a closer look at some of the innovative ways our clients use them.

1. Product Decals Repeat Your Advertising and Branding Display on a Smaller Scale

vinyl wall decals in Miami

The vinyl wall decals you currently use are designed to show off your company’s name and logo. This look is a premier branding method that has proven to be highly effective. Make these products work for you in yet another way. When we shrink the wall decal display down, you can use it as a sticker to affix to goods or bags that you give to customers. You frequently see this in hair salons where the majority of hair care products feature a label with the salon’s branding graphics that is also on display on the walls.

2. Wall Decals for Lobby Signs Offer Attractive Alternatives to Standard Signage Solutions

When you go the opposite way and increase the size of the decal, you may have an ideal lobby sign display. We can manufacture it as an acrylic or metal logo board with the option of added LED illumination. Lit lobby signage is a hot trend that identifies you as a thought leader in your niche. Another great option is the use of the decal as a vinyl wall display. Perfectly centered above your receptionist’s desk, it can take on the shape of your logo or any other form that signifies your business.wall_letters

3. Company Branding Decals Communicate Your Message on Rental Equipment

When you turn your vinyl wall decals into stickers, you have the opportunity to label any equipment that your business rents out to customers. These labels also affix to equipment you sell. When your customers take home the product, your company’s information goes with them. As they lend out the equipment to friends or use it with others present, your message attracts eyeballs. Combined with the performance of your gear, this advertising message has the power to persuade prospective shoppers to become buyers.

4. Suite or Office Signs Show off Your Building’s Brand

High-end office buildings, particularly class “A” settings, thrive on the many ways that the venue’s name can find expression. Management companies sometimes use landscaping materials to present the building’s name and logo in innovative ways. On the inside, consider the use of decal-shaped suite sign backdrops. When you decide to invest in office signs for your tenants, the backdrops can hold frames that allow for inserts with the companies’ names printed on them. In this manner, you co-brand your building’s name and logo alongside the tenants’ business information.

vinyl wall decals in Miami

With so much versatility, is it any wonder that more and more firms invest in vinyl wall decals? In Miami, these products occasionally feature the iconic palm tree you recognize from the city’s seal. When you are ready to order your set of decals, contact our graphic artists to get started on the design process.

vinyl wall decals in miami