When Pro Racing needed a 3D letter storefront sign in Miami, its management team contacted our specialists for assistance. After consulting with the client, we selected a panel-mounted model. To underscore the branding message of the car parts supplier, we opted for an industrial aluminum color that is a common sight in and around garages.

We manufactured thick lettering in a black color that spells out the company’s name with aluminum-colored PVC cutouts. The resulting building sign presents with the flair that car enthusiasts cherish. Because of the black and silver contrasts, it is easy to read the name of the business even from a distance.

How to Select a 3D Design

3D Letter storefront sign in MiamiDimensional letters are gaining in popularity. In the past, the building signage position seemed to be the domain of channel letters or electrical cabinets. Now, the 3D letter is steadily holding its own. Selecting the right design for your business is quite easy.

  • Illumination. Although technically channel letters are among the 3D signage displays, practically they are a separate marker type. While the majority of 3D building signs do not feature built-in illumination, it is possible to include lighting with manufactured stainless steel letters. Another option is the use of façade-mounted light sources.
  • Depth. Decide on the thickness of the lettering and style elements. For three-inch displays, sign foam is an excellent material to use. To add even more depth to the look, we recommend the use of dimensional letters on a panel.
  • Material. Outdoor-rated sign foam is the material of choice for dramatic displays. To reach similar thicknesses with metal, we recommend the use of cast metal plaques. If you do not need to reach depths of three inches or more, other materials also work very well. Acrylic, metal, and PVC are typical selections our clients make.

Enhancing the Legibility of a Sign

3D Letter storefront sign in MiamiUniversity of Cincinnati researchers reported that almost half of polled consumers had expressed frustration with business signage that is either too small or too difficult to read. Stating that they did not find a company they were looking for, these would-be buyers do not always turn around and try to find your locale again. Some simply go to the competition.

The use of 3D letters helps with the process of enhancing legibility. Take a page from the playbook of Pro Racing, and choose striking color contrasts. For this business, the use of silver and black is a perfect choice. Another option is the use of digital printing in the form of vinyl wall graphics that go behind the letters. These succeed in drawing the eye to the letters and offer you another opportunity for presenting a contrasting color.

Buying a 3D Letter Storefront Sign in Miami

If we have inspired you to make your next building signage purchase a three-dimensional letter display, contact our graphic artists to discuss your plans. We can show you different design options that will make your presentation pop and stand out in all the right ways. During a site survey, our technicians can also point out any challenges to the legibility of your sign such as tree branches, pole signs, or other distractions. Let’s get started on your design today!

3D Letter storefront sign in Miami