The newest 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon is coming to 261 Miracle Mile, where future clients find it near John Martin’s Irish Pub. This setting cultivates a look and feel that appeals to men with a penchant for a contemporary but upscale vibe. A full-service grooming establishment, the location is proud to provide its classic haircuts and straight shaves to a discerning clientele very soon. While the business’ management team is busy remodeling the site’s interior, a representative contacted our experts to handle the design, manufacture, and installation of vinyl window cling in Coral Gables FL.

Block-out Window Clings Advertise, Brand, and Create a Buzz

vinyl window cling in Coral Gables FLAny incoming business benefits from having a buzz created around its anticipated arrival. Because the location is still in the process of undergoing renovations, the production of block-out window clings made sense. They feature a black backdrop with white lettering that identifies the unique business model of the venue. Images depicting a male model and a barber’s chair underscore the marketing and branding messages of the company.

Red images encapsulate the brand message. To give a hint at the upscale and contemporary appeal that this location will bring to the table, we also manufactured two narrow red window cling panels that install on the side windows next to the entryway. Overall, we treated two main glass panes, two narrow panels, and two glass doors. The elegant appearance of the storefront is sure to stir up quite a buzz, particularly considering the advantageous location the company has chosen for this business.

Window Clings are the Ideal Short-term Solution for Advertising Messages

vinyl window cling in Coral Gables FLUnlike window wraps and graphics, which have a three to five-year useful life, window clings’ durability is typically measured in months. They may last 12 months or longer, depending on the care you give them and the conditions of the display area. Our clients favor these types of products in three distinct scenarios.

  1. Seasonal advertising messages. Whether it is the Valentine’s Day sale or the Black Friday door buster extravaganza, the advantage that the clings bring to your budget is the fact that they are reusable. There is no need to re-order the same products each year. If you have a graphic and message that you like to present for these occasions, you can even order all your annually needed products ahead.
  2. Temporary block-out panels. Whether you are renovating a storefront or changing the window display for your store, keep out prying eyes with full block-out panels. Doing so is an excellent way of building anticipation, excitement, and heightening awareness of unusual goings on at your location at the same time.
  3. Decorative graphics for special occasions or holidays. Of course, sometimes you just need festive decorations. Because you do not want to spend too much on buying new items each year, only focus on the ones that you want to make the centerpieces of the arrangements. Adding smaller ones on an annual basis is always possible.

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